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Dynamixel: Actuators for Robots

Thanks to powerful servo motors of Robotis (Dynamixel), Robotis is a well known brand in Robocup competitions specially in Humanoid leagues.
A wide Range of intelligent machines can be built using a single Bioloid kit such as: autonomous exploration robots, quadrupeds, puppy robots, hexapod spider robots, dinosaur robots and bipedal humanoid robots.
Students can learn the principles of robotics through these exciting activities.

Dyanmixel Servo Motors

Dynamixel All-in-one Actuator

Dynamixel specification table

ModelNetworkTorqueGear RatioWeightOperating VoltageGear Type
AX-S1Sensor Module407~9.6-

Dynamixel AX-12+
Digital Servo


Weight(g): 55
Gear Reduction Ratio: 1/254
Final Max Holding Torque(kgf.cm):
12 at 7V
16.5 at 10V
Speed (Sec/60degree):
0.269 at 7V
0.196 at 10V
Resolution: 0.35°
Operating Angle: 300°, Endless Turn
Voltage: 7V~10V (Recommended)
Max. Current: 900mA
Operate Temperature: -5 ~ +85°C
Command Signal: Digital Packet
Protocol Type: Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication(8bit, 1 stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical): TTL Level Multi Drop
ID: 254 ID (0~253)
Communication Speed: 7343bps ~ 1 Mbps
Feedback: Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, etc.
Material: Engineering Plastic
User's Manual

Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo

Dynamixel AX-S1


Infra-red Sensor: It is embedded with three directions infrared sensor, making it possible to detect left/center/right distance angle as well as the light.
Remocon Sensor: It has built-in remote control sensor in center, making it possible to transmit and receive infrared data between sensor modules.
Internal Microphone: It has built-in micro internal microphone, making it possible not only to detect current sound level and maximum loudness but also an ability to count the number of sounds, for instance, the numbers of handclapping
Buzzer: Built-in buzzer allows the playback of musical notes and other special note effects.

User's Manual

Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module

CM-5 Robot Controller

The CM-5 is a robot control device that controls the TTL type Dynamixel series.
Through the CM-5, you can operate the Dynamixel motors and read information
from the sensors. The CM-5 also allows you to construct and program joint type
CM-5 Robot Controller 



The USB2Dynamixel is a device used to directly drive the dynamixel on a PC. The USB2Dynamixel is used by connecting to a USB port of a PC, and is equipped with 3p and 4p connectors to be connected with a variety of dynamixels.
In addition, the USB2Dynamixel can be used to transform a USB port into a serial port for a PC without a serial port such as a lap-top computer. This function can be used effectively when dynamixel exclusive controllers such as the CM-2, CM-2+ and CM-5 are connected to an UBS port or when the ZIG2Serial is connected to an USB port to control a robot by radio.
User's Manual