PishRobot is Exclusive distributor of ROBOTIS Products in Iran.

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ROBOTIS IDEAS is a bridge to the world of Robotics and Technology and is the best motivation to increase the children's skills and learning abilities during the construction and playing.

Considering the increasing applications of Robotics in real life and rapid growth of Robotics in developed countries, educating fundamentals of Robotics and STEM concepts to children is unavoidable.
Education department of PishRobot has selected ROBOTIS IDEAS products to enhance children's skills and creativity and motivate them to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). IDEAS kits are a fascinating product of ROBOTIS company for children of 5 years old and higher.
The ROBOTIS IDEAS is designed to enable children to make various operating robots through a 3D assembling method. The 3D space assembling method greatly improves the children's spatial perception ability comparing to the simple one way block assembling method.


No. of Motors: 2 pcs

No. of People using the Set Independently: 2 Kids or Groups


No. of DC Motors: 5 pcs

No. of People using the Set Independently: 5 Kids or Groups

Construction of Combined 3D Structures

  • Learning about Colors and Shapes and Counting numbers

  • Learning how to read drawings and building guides

  • Finding the different aspects of an object and the relation between them

  • Constructing static and dynamic models of objects and animals like snail, penguin, ...

  • Intuitive understanding of animals' movement mechanisms

  • Improve children's handwork skills

  • Simply Learning about principles of mechanics

  • Learning about Life skills in the form of stories and plays

  • An attractive and beneficial replacement for Computer and Video Games

  • Strengthening the Handwork and Movement Skills and connection between various Senses

  • Increasing the Power of Thinking and Creativity

  • Strengthening the Curiosity and Exploring the Environment

  • Enhancing Social Communication

  • Strengthening the Independence and Responsibility

  • Increasing Tolerance, Patience, Precision and Concentration

  • Enhancing Problem Solving abilities