STEAM CUP Competitions

PishRobot is an official partner of STEAM EDUCATION ASSOCIATION in Iran.

STEAM Education Association is a non-profit organization which strives to pave the way for education convergence using robotics and is established with the goal to foster multi-talented people.

STEAM Education Association's main business is focused around but is not limited to bringing together members and member companies to build and cultivate international friendship through various events, to operate and propose policies in the mutual benefit of members, and to share information through conferences, society, and publications.

STEAM Education Association was founded in hopes to contribute to the development of the robotics industry and related educational organizations.
STEAM Education Association hopes to contribute to the capability reinforcement of members and member companies in the following business areas, and through these robot technologies expand and progress the robotics industry.

STEAM CUP is a robot competition that anyone can participate in, whether you are a child or a grown up. Various events are being developed with the goal to improve on creative problem solving,by differentiating from simple competition based contests.

STEAM CUP is open for all challenges from people with interest in robots. We expect the STEAM CUP to be a chance to build on the foundation of robotics, cultivate professional level competence, and find potential professionals to lead the future of robotics.


STEAMCUP is a robot competition that during recent years a lot of robot fans and talented students participate worldwide. PishRobot as an official partner of STEAM EDUCATION Association in Iran has started holding the yearly competitions of STEAMCUP so Iranian students would have the opportunity to participate in this international event.
Robotic fans and PishRobot's educated students from different cities of Iran and nearby countries participate in this event.
PishRobot hold 1st Iran Open STEAMCUP in 2016 together with PishRobot's 9th Educational Robot's Olympiad. STEAMCUP 2016 of Iran had different events and leagues like KIDSLAB exhibition, ROBOTIS Demo League and Humanoid Olympics.
2nd Iran Open STEAMCUP would be held in July 2017.
PishRobot organizes this event to test participants knowledge and STEAM skills, let them share the ideas with each other, enhance their skills and gain the experience for more advanced competitions like FIRA and Robocup competitions.
Let the Online Global Robot Battle Begin!


Build a Creative Robot and Show it off to Win!

STEAM Education Association holds the monthly STEAMCUP ONLINE Competition to encourage the robot fans to build more creative robots.
To participate in the global competition of STEAMCUP ONLINE you should make a creative robot using products like ROBOTIS OLLO, ROBOTIS IDEAS, ROBOTIS DREAM, ROBOTIS BIOLOID, DYNAMIXEL, ... and take photos and a video of robot with an explanation about how and with which parts you have made the robot and how your robot operates. It is preferred that you explain about your robot in English otherwise explain it in Farsi.
Then share your photos and video together with additional information about your robot with PishRobot. PishRobot would submit your robot's information in the international STEAMCUP web site with your own name. At the end of each month STEAMCUP judges the international submissions and selects the best of them as winners.
The award of 1st winner is $200 in points to buy products from ROBOTIS online shop. 2nd and 3rd winners would be awarded by $75 in points. At the end of each season the best winner among selected winners would be awarded by a Tablet PC.
If you participate in the Online STEAMCUP through PishRobot (for Iranian people only) not only you would receive the STEAMCUP's official Certificate from PishRobot but you could also use your points for buying from PishRobot and you would save the shipping and import costs from Korea.

You can find some videos of previous STEAMCUP winners below: