KAIROBOT: model of the real world

PishRobot is exclusive distributor of KAIMAX (KAIROBOT) in Iran.

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Using KAI Robot kits you can make a lot of wonderful Robots. In contrast with other kits, KAIROBOT kits are close to real life while keeping its simplicity. Using bolts and nuts and different metal and plastic parts, you can simulate and construct a lot of real structures and mechanisms. Using KAIROBOT kits, at early levels, mechanical concepts and mechanisms specially those with robotic applications are taught. Then using Modular Logic Controllers, control concepts are added to mechanical concepts. Then basic and advanced programming and controlling concepts are taught to students using KRC programmable controller.
KAI-ROBOT kits are featured by a powerful curriculum in 8 levels for Primary schools, 6 levels for Middle schools and 4 levels for High schools. Mechanical kits include different parts like strips, gears, pulleys, wheels and ... , as well as motors, servo motors. Electronic kits include logic and programmable controllers, different sensors, GUI programming software and advanced robot programming software.

Frame Sets

KAIROBOT Frame Sets include a lot of mechanical parts such as chassis parts, power transmission parts, connection parts, decorative parts, motors and... that is offered in 3 different levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Beginner Level Frame Set
Kai Small Frame Sets

Beginner Level Frame Set includes different chassis parts, power transmission parts, connection parts, decorative parts and a dc motor.
This kit is recommended for primary school students at early levels.
Beginner Level Frame Set is up-gradable to Intermediate Level Frame Set.

Intermediate Level Frame Set
Medium Frame Set

Intermediate Level Frame Set includes different chassis parts, power transmission parts, connection parts, decorative parts and two dc motors.
This kit is recommended for middle and high school students as well as primary school students at intermediate levels.

Advanced Level Frame Set (Smart Pack)
Kai Full Frame Set (Smart Pack)

Advanced Level Frame Set includes different chassis parts, power transmission parts, connection parts, decorative parts and two dc motors.
This kit is the most complete mechanical frame set with variety of different parts and it is the best option for creative construction.

Logic Pack
Logic Pack Control Set

Logic Pack 1 and 2 is a novel product of PishRobot to control the robots and make them intelligent without PCs.

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Using KRC W, you can program and control the mechanical robots and make them intelligent. First, the robot algorithm and program is created in computer using KAILAB W and its graphical icons. Then the program is transferred to KRC W through USB cable. Then, KRC W will automatically control the robot with no need to the computer.

KRC includes :

  • Control Module
  • Cables: 1 USB Cable for Programming
  • No. of Infrared Sensors: 2
  • No. of Light Sensors: 1
  • No. of Touch Sensors: 1
  • No. of Sound Sensors: 1
  • No. of LED Actuators: 2
  • Software: KAILAB W
  • User's Guide

Specifications of Control Module:

  • MCU: ATMEGA128 RISC Microcontroller
  • No. of Inputs & Outputs: 10 programmable ports
    8 programmable ports as Analog Input, Digital Input or Digital Output
    2 programmable ports as Digital Input or Digital Output
  • No. of DC Motor Outputs: 2
  • No. of Servo Motor Outputs: 6
  • Buzzer: Internal
  • Programming Protocol: USB
  • Programming Language: Flowchart based GUI programming (KAILAB W)
  • Advanced Programming Language: C Language
  • Power: 6 AA Batteries or through DC 9V Adapter Port
Pneumatic Set
Pneumatic Set

Using Pneumatic Set you can add a pneumatic actuator to your robot.

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RC3 (18 Channel Remote Controller)
RC3 Remote Control

RC3 is a 18 channel non interference remote controller so you can easily remote control a lot of robots like Fire Fighter Robot, Soccer Robot, Explorer Robot, Sumo Robot, Robot Arm, ... .
Due to its non interference feature, a lot of RC3 controllers could work simultaneously in a place or event like robotic competitions.

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RC (4 Channel Remote Controller)
4 Channel Remote Control

This Affordable Remote controller could operate 2 DC motors independently.

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KAI RIDER W is a non programmable line tracer which traces black lines with a ultra high speed using its logic controller. Using this kit you can easily become familiar with basics of Line Tracers.


KAI RACER BLUE 2 is a micro controller based line tracing and maze solving robot with 8 IR sensors to recognize lines and junctions and follow the lines in a very high speed. Beginner programmers can make predefined programs to move the robot in the maze path and solve the mission. Professional programmers can implement more complicated line tracing and maze solving programs by changing the main program of the robot.

Survival kit

Survival kit includes two Robots which are used in Survival Competitions. In Survival Competitions each team (including two robots) should pick up the balls inside their own field and through it to the competitor's field.


KAI Sensors

Infrared Sensor (IR)
Light Sensor (CDS)
Touch Sensor
Sound Sensor
LED Actuator

DC Motor (DC48 & DC108)
DC Motors

Rated Voltage: 6 VDC
Gear DC48 Ratio: 48
Gear DC108 Ratio: 108
Motor Speed (without Gearbox): 15000 rpm

Geared DC Motor (KAIROBOT compatible)
DC Motors

These Geared DC Motors are compatible with KAIROBOT frames and controllers and offered in different torques and speeds.
They can be used in robots that need more power or speed comparing to KAIROBOT's standard DC Motors.

Servo Motor
Servo Motors

Type: RC Servo with PWM command
Torque: 3.5 kg.cm (at 6 VDC)
Speed: 0.15 sec/60 deg (at 6 VDC)

Power Pack
Power Pack

Using Power Pack you can easily operate and control the speed of KAI-ROBOT DC Motors:

  • No. of Separately Controlled Outputs: 1
  • Sockets per Separate Output: 2 (CW and CCW)
  • Output Socket: 616 Sockets (Compatible with KAI-ROBOT DC Motors)
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries
  • Maximum Output Current: 3A
KAILAB W Software
KAILAB W Software

KAILAB W is a icon based programming software for KRC W controller. Using KAILAB you can easily create programs in graphical and flowchart like form. Experts can also export their program to C Language and enjoy the powerful features of C Language.


There are different Educational workbooks for different Levels and Ages of KAIROBOT education.