Mobile Robot Platform

PishRobotiono, a product of Hushmand Afzar, is a Mobile Robot Platform proper for R&D in Academic Centers and Laboratories as well as Robotic Competitions as a @Work Robot, Warehouse Robot, Hockey Playing Robot and ... .

PishRobotiono can move freely in all directions (Omnidirectional Drive) and its mobility is based on the new generation of Dynamixel Actuators (MX series). The main controller of PishRobotino is a lightweight PC with a powerful Intel Celeron Dual-core Sandy Bridge Processor inside and a processing speed of 1.1GHZ. Using this PC, camera and sensors of PishRobotino, users could easily make a completely automatic Mobile Robot.

Wireless communication to other systems could be made using its built-in computer. Another PC could remotely connect to its built-in PC. PishRobotino could be programmed using VB, C++, C# and .Net programming languages.

This robot that was inspired from FESTO's Robotino at the beginning, now is more advanced than Robotino in some aspects.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform
  • Main Proccessor:
    • Proccessor: Intel Celeron Dual-core CPU with a processing speed of 1.1GHZ (Sandy Bridge)
    • Memory: 2GB DDR3
    • Ports: HDMI, Ethernet, VGA and USB for connecting different kind of sensors and accessories to the Robot
  • Built-in Embedded Controller:
    • Range Finder Sensors: 8 IR Range Finders around the robot (expandable to 12 Sensors)
    • Input Ports: 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Analogue Inputs
    • Output Ports: 8 Digital Outputs
    • Dynamixel Port: TTL and RS485 ports for connecting to Dynamixel actuators and devices like servo motors of robotic arm and other motors of robot
    • User interface: LCD Display, 4 Buttons and 2 Controllable LEDs
  • Camera: Capability of connecting HD cameras with USB 2.0 interface (optional)
  • Software:
    • IDEs: C++, C#, VB, .Net
    • Sample for Image Processing on OpenCV
    • Sample for Controlling the Robot's movement in all directions
    • Sample for using input/output of embedded controller
  • Additional Options:
    • 4 DOF Cylindrical Arm with a Gripper Controlled Automatically or by a Zigbee Remote Controller
    • 4 DOF Articulated Arm with a Gripper Controlled Automatically or by a Zigbee Remote Controller
    • Interaction of Robot and Human based on Kinect and related software
    • Robot Vision using USB camera and related software
    • Color Distinguish using 2 color sensors and related software
    • Finding Orientation of Robot using Compass Sensor and related software
    • Adding 4 Range Finders to the Robot
  • Network Connection:
    • LAN port
    • Wireless communication using a 2.4GHZ 802.11 Switch on the Robot with 100m Range
    • Frame Rate of Camera's video stream via wireless: 20fps
    • Baud Rate of Receiving Sensor information via wireless: 300HZ
    • Baud Rate of Sending Commands to Servo Motors via wireless: 100HZ
  • Moving Motors: 3 Dynamixel MX-28 or Dynamixel MX-64 servo motors with 360° of rotation and 12bit Absolute Encoder and position, speed, load, internal temperature, input voltage and ... feedback
  • Moving Speed: 30cm/s or 40cm/s (depending on the servo motor selection)
  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Payload: 3Kg
  • Dimension: 380mm Radius and 250mm Height
  • Power: 12V rechargeable batteries with 2 hours of Active Use
Mobile robot platform with cylindrical arm
Warehouse robot platform