DYNAMIXEL the Smart Actuator for Robotics

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DYNAMIXEL is a Smart Actuator developed by ROBOTIS to be used in any robotic system as well as Education and Research Projects.
The name “DYNAMIXEL” is built from two words “Dynamic” and “Cell” which becomes all-in-one smart actuator.
Dynamixel, is the world’s most beloved actuator by robot developers. The Dynamixel enables anyone to easily and conveniently make a robot. Anyone can become a robot expert and implement imaginary robots. Realize the robot of your dreams!

Why Dynamixels:
1. Dynamixel is EASY!
- All-in-one module with a variety of elements required to drive a robot without other devices. All you need is power and communication to operate a robot.
- We offer various source codes and tools to help first timers with Dynamixel to operate a robot within a day.

2. Dynamixel is VARIOUS!
- Select from our wide variation of models that suits your system needs based on torque, velocity, and command signals.
- We offer a wide line-up of actuators, from low-cost models for beginners to high performance models for professionals.

3. Dynamixel is the King of Applications!
- Dynamixels can be used in many fields.
- Dynamixels can be applied to educational robot kits, research platforms, and experimental devices.
- Dynamixels can be used to build dancing robots, kinetic art, medical equipment, guide robots, robot arm that carries and moves objects, robots that operate in dangerous environments, healthcare robots, pilot robots that maneuver airplanes and cars. Dynamixels can be used to build almost any robot.

Dynamixel the Intelligent Sevo motor

Modular Design:
- All-in-one structure with embedded functions required for a robot actuator
DC Motor + Controller + Driver + Sensor + Reduction Gear + Network = DYNAMIXEL

Universal Assembly Structure:
- Various optional frames available to offer diverse robot designs
- CAD data published to enable precise yet creative designs robots

Network Driven:
- Control each Dynamixel by sending data packets through a single bus
- Supports RS-485 and TTL networks

Simple Linking Structure:
- Daisy chain wiring scheme allows easy wiring
- Supports easy expansion capability

Various Feedback Functions:
- Current position, velocity, internal temperature, input voltage, …
- Current based torque control

Various and sophisticated control performance:
- PID Control
- Position Control, Velocity Control, Torque Control

High voltage, low current user environment:
- Minimized current consumption to maximize power efficiency
- Provides stable battery usage time

Offers various development environments:
- GUI based software developed by ROBOTIS (RoboPlus also referred to as R+)
- SDK, source codes and library for Windows, Linux, Mobile environments
- C/C++, JAVA, MATLAB, LABVIEW, ROS and various development environments

Wide variety of line-ups:
- Various line-ups from entry level to high performance model
- Choose from low-end models with spur gears to high-end models with cycloid gears
- Applies various components from low cost cored motors to reliable BLDC motors

Wide range of use:
- Articulated robots, mobile robots, manipulators, automation system
- Education, R&D, entertainment
- Medical, defense, service, aerospace, production lines


Comparison Chart of DYNAMIXEL

Compatibility Table of DYNAMIXEL and Controllers

Special Humanoid Robot Frames

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