Game based Training of STEM with Robots

STEM, Robotics and Coding for All Ages
Creativity, Problem Solving and Computational Thinking


With the aim of improving the level of knowledge and general skills, Pishrobot has taken steps in the field of game-based education in Robotics and STEM concepts in schools and educational institutions.
To achieve this goal, Pishrobot, while carefully examining the kits and training sets available in the world market, has selected the most suitable sets to be used for training in Iran and presented it in the form of a coherent training package.

Given the increasing application of robotics in everyday life and the rapid growth of this knowledge in developed countries, robotics and coding training to students is inevitable.

In this regard, with the aim of fostering creativity and flourishing talents, as well as increasing the scientific and skill capacity of individuals, especially their problem-solving skills, the Pishrobot's Education Department has prepared an educational program suitable for each age group of students.
Pishrobot training courses are designed for all ages, including children and adults, and for all beginners and advanced levels, and include sciences such as mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, and programming.


Pishrobot's educational activities

  • Adaptation, localization and development of robotics and coding training programs

  • Translation and compilation of robotics and coding books

  • Basic robotics education in kindergartens and in schools from preschool to high school

  • Robotics training in after school education institutions

  • Teaching RoboCup and advanced courses in high schools and educational institutions

  • Holding training courses on humanoid robots

  • Holding the annual Educationsl Robots Olympiad (STEAMCUP IRAN)

  • Holding exhibition of students' robotic achievements in schools

آموزش ساخت ربات در آموزشگاه رباتیک و کلاس های آموزش رباتیک
آموزش استم و برنامه نویسی رباتیک برای کودکان
دوره‌های مدرسه ای آموزش روباتیک و استیم به دانش آموزان
آموزش رباتیک مقدماتی برای کودکان

Education in schools and after school institutions

Pishrobot's training programs start from kindergarten and preschool and lasts to university level.
Basic Robotics and Steam Concepts (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) KAI-ROBOT begins.
The educational methods of these collections have been designed by Korean experts for different study courses and have been adapted and localized with the existing educational conditions with the aim of maximizing productivity with the coordination and advice of Iranian experts and with special educational goals in mind.

At more advanced levels, this training program is complemented by the Bioloid suite, advanced robot design and construction techniques, electronics and Arduino courses, 3D printer design and construction, humanoid robot courses, and familiarity with various RoboCup disciplines. At present, many selected schools and educational institutions in Tehran, Karaj, Yazd, Ahvaz, Kerman, Rafsanjan, Zanjan, Sari, Qom, Shahroud, etc. are covered by advanced training programs.

Coding Education

Given the growing influence of computers and IT in human life, many developed countries today emphasize the need for computer and programming education for students.
Pishrobot has localized, designed and implemented a new method of robot-assisted coding training.
Schools and educational institutions can also purchase Pbot training robot or hamster and their curriculum directly to programming training in Pay your institution. This educational program promotes, updates and makes school computer classes more useful.

Those interested in participating in introductory and advanced programming and robotics training courses for children and adolescents can contact us for more information or to register for training classes.

Advanced and university level courses in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Pishrobot Complex provides equipment and production of robotic products and equips robotic workshops for schools, educational institutions, technical and vocational centers and universities. It also provides training and consulting services to professional robotics teams, helping them to have a strong presence in national and international robotics competitions.
Smart Robotics Center for humanoid robot lovers and those interested in participating in the Humanoid Robot League, has organized a training course for soccer humanoid robots.

Also run some products like Advanced NAO and Pepper advanced humanoid robots with a course Provides free training to buyers.

Robotics courses for students and adults
For the adult age group, especially students, it conducts advanced robotics and artificial intelligence classes periodically. These courses include the following:
- Specialized training course on mechanisms
- Robotics training course with the help of Arduino boards (basic and advanced)
- ROS training and application course for robots (basic and advanced)
- Humanoid robot training course (introductory and advanced)


Educational Robots Olympiad (STEAMCUP IRAN)

In order to learn robotics skills during the school year and to test these skills, to get acquainted with new ideas and to gain experience for participating in national and international robotics competitions, Pishrobot organizes annual Educational Robots Olympiad and Iran STEAMCUP Open Competitions among different educational levels across the country.

Attending these competitions is a valuable motivation and experience for students to participate in prestigious domestic and international competitions such as Iran RoboCup, Kharazmi Festival, Firacup, competitions International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics ICROM , creates global RoboCup, etc.

Educational and training goals of Pishrobot

  • Teaching the concepts of STEM and STEAM
    (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

  • Robotics is a convenient and attractive alternative to computer games

  • Robotics is a simple way to realize the ideas and innovations of children and adolescents

  • Increase problem solving skills

  • Strengthen motor skills and connect multiple senses to achieve a goal

  • Increase the power of thought, thinking and creativity

  • Increase accuracy, concentration, patience and self-confidence

  • Expand social communication, strengthen the spirit of cooperation and collaboration in teamwork

  • Strengthen the sense of research and exploration of the world around

Advantages of Pishrobot's Robotics and STEAM Training

  • Familiarity with different types of robots (quadrupeds, grippers, arms, line tracking, escalators, firefighters, etc.)

  • Ability to build a variety of robots with one training pack

  • Classes equipped with the parts, students need to learn and build

  • Learn how to build a new robot in each session (from simple to advanced)

  • Familiarity with school lesson concepts while building a robot

  • Familiarity with different sciences in the form of robotics class (academic guidance)

  • Proportion of lessons to the level of understanding and age of class students

  • Teaching with books according to the written lesson plan, continuous and localized

  • Introduction to robotics competitions

  • Possibility of yearly competition in the International Olympiad of educational robots (Steam Cup Iran)