PishRobot is distributor of RoBoard Products in Iran.

RoBoard RB-110
Single Board Computer

  • Powerful Computer dedicated to robotics applications
  • Based on the Vortex86DX, a 32bit x86 CPU running at 1000MHz with 256MB DRAM
  • High-speed serial ports supported. (Integrated FTDI-FT2232HL)
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and DOS
  • Open Source C++ Library for Roboard's unique I/O functions (sensors, actuators, etc.)
  • A perfect solution for Microsoft Robotics Studio development
  • Tiny, measuring in at only 96 x 56 mm
  • Anti-Power Protection
  RoBoard RB-110
  RoBoard RB-110 Connectors

3-Axis Magnetic Compass & 3-Axis Acceloremoeter

  • Power input: DC-in 5V
  • Compass: 3-Axis Digital Compass HMC5843
  • G-Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer ADXL345
  • Communication through I2C interface
  • Compatible with RB-100 and RB-110 single board computers
  • HMC5843 I2C address (7 bit address) : 0x1e
  • ADXL345 I2C address (7 bit address) : 0x53

3-Axis Gyro

  • Power input: DC-in 5V
  • Dual gyroscope IDG-650 (X and Y axis)
  • Z axis gyroscope ISZ-650
  • Communication through I2C interface
  • AD7998 I2C address (7 bit address) : 0x21

3-Axis Gyro, Magnetic Compass & Acceloremoeter (IMU)

The RoBoard Module RM-G146 is fully integrated 9-Axis module, combines 3-axis magneto-resistive sensor and 3-axis accelerometer with the LSM303DLH, and 3-axis angular rate sensor (Gyroscope) with the MPU-3050, simply and all done through I2C interface, the dimension of it is wee as 20 x 20 mm.  RM-G146