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Hushmand Afzar is Exclusive distributor of Robotis products in Iran.

Bioloid Kits

Thanks to powerful servo motors of Robotis (Dynamixel), Robotis is a well known brand in Robocup competitions specially in Humanoid leagues.
A wide Range of intelligent machines can be built using a single Bioloid kit such as: autonomous exploration robots, quadrupeds, puppy robots, hexapod spider robots, dinosaur robots and bipedal humanoid robots.
Students can learn the principles of robotics through these exciting activities.

Bioloid Kits


Bioloid Beginner Kit


Beginner Kit Includes:

  • 4 x Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo
  • 1 x Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module
  • 1 x CM-5 Controller including Battery
  • 1 x SMPS Switching Adaptor
  • 1 x Serial Cable for Programming CM-5
  • 1 x Beginner Kit Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x CD including Behavior Control Programmer, Motion Editor and Robot Terminal Software
  • Beginner Kit Frame Set, Cables & etc.
Bioloid Beginner Kit

Bioloid Comprehensive Kit


Comprehensive Kit Includes:

  • 18 x Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo
  • 1 x Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module
  • 1 x CM-5 Controller including Battery
  • 1 x SMPS Switching Adaptor
  • 1 x Serial Cable for Programming CM-5
  • 1 x Comprehensive Kit Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x CD including Behavior Control Programmer, Motion Editor and Robot Terminal Software
  • Comprehensive Kit Frame Set, Cables & etc.
Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

Expert Kit


Expert Kit Includes:

  • 21 x Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo
  • 3 x Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module
  • 2 x CM-5 Controller including Battery
  • 1 x Wireless communication module ZIG-100 set
  • 1 x Wireless camera set
  • 1 x SMPS Switching Adaptor
  • 1 x Serial Cable for Programming CM-5
  • 1 x Expert Kit Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x CD including Behavior Control Programmer, Motion Editor and Robot Terminal Software
  • 26 x Robot Examples
  • 1 x Aluminum case
  • Expert Kit Frame Set, Cables & etc.
Bioloid Expert Kit

Bioloid Premium Kit (New)


Premium Kit Includes:

  • 18 x Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo
  • 1 x Absolute IR Distance Measurement Sensor (10cm~80cm)
  • 1 x Balance Sensor Module (3-Axis Acceleration & Direction Detection)
  • 1 x IR Receiver (Remote Controller Receiver Module)
  • 2 x IR Sensors (Detects Objects)
  • 1 x CM-510 Robot Controller
    (5 x Dynamixel Ports, 6 x User Defined Ports, Sound Sensor, Buzzer, ...)
  • 1 x RC-100 (IR Remote Controller, Capable of adding zigbee module)
  • 1 x SMPS & Charger
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery Pack (Lithium Polymer 11.1V 1000mAH)
  • Frame Set, Cables & etc.
Bioloid Premium Kit



Dynamixel specification table

Model Network Torque Gear Ratio Weight Operating Voltage Gear Type
AX-12+ TTL
12 254 53.5 7~10 enpla
AX-S1 Sensor Module 40 7~9.6 -
DX-117 RS-485 28 193 67 12~16 metal
RX-10 10 193 64.5 10~12
RX-28 28 193 72 12~16
RX-64 64 200 125 15~18
EX-106 106 162 155 12~18.5

Dynamixel AX-12+
Digital Servo


Weight(g): 55
Gear Reduction Ratio: 1/254
Final Max Holding Torque(kgf.cm):
12 at 7V
16.5 at 10V
Speed (Sec/60degree):
0.269 at 7V
0.196 at 10V
Resolution: 0.35°
Operating Angle: 300°, Endless Turn
Voltage: 7V~10V (Recommended)
Max. Current: 900mA
Operate Temperature: -5 ~ +85°C
Command Signal: Digital Packet
Protocol Type: Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication(8bit, 1 stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical): TTL Level Multi Drop
ID: 254 ID (0~253)
Communication Speed: 7343bps ~ 1 Mbps
Feedback: Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, etc.
Material: Engineering Plastic
User's Manual

Dynamixel AX-12+ Digital Servo

Dynamixel AX-S1


Infra-red Sensor: It is embedded with three directions infrared sensor, making it possible to detect left/center/right distance angle as well as the light.
Remocon Sensor: It has built-in remote control sensor in center, making it possible to transmit and receive infrared data between sensor modules.
Internal Microphone: It has built-in micro internal microphone, making it possible not only to detect current sound level and maximum loudness but also an ability to count the number of sounds, for instance, the numbers of handclapping
Buzzer: Built-in buzzer allows the playback of musical notes and other special note effects.

User's Manual

Dynamixel AX-S1 Sensor Module

CM-5 Robot Controller

The CM-5 is a robot control device that controls the TTL type Dynamixel series.
Through the CM-5, you can operate the Dynamixel motors and read information
from the sensors. The CM-5 also allows you to construct and program joint type
CM-5 Robot Controller 

CM-2+ Robot Controller


CM-2+ is a robot controller similar to CM-5 with the capability of interfacing both TTL and RS-485 Dynamixels. It can be used to interface DX and RX series Dynamixels, like RX-28, RX-64, DX-117 and etc.

CM-2+ Robot Controller 



The USB2Dynamixel is a device used to directly drive the dynamixel on a PC. The USB2Dynamixel is used by connecting to a USB port of a PC, and is equipped with 3p and 4p connectors to be connected with a variety of dynamixels.
In addition, the USB2Dynamixel can be used to transform a USB port into a serial port for a PC without a serial port such as a lap-top computer. This function can be used effectively when dynamixel exclusive controllers such as the CM-2, CM-2+ and CM-5 are connected to an UBS port or when the ZIG2Serial is connected to an USB port to control a robot by radio.
User's Manual


ZIG-100 Set


ZIG-100 is a small module that has a built-in MCU and Zigbee IC, allowing UART communication using 2.4GHz frequency. Utilized as a PAN (Personal Area Network) Module, it replaces wired serial communication with more modern wireless characteristics.
User's Manual

ZIG-100 Zigbee Set



ZIG2Serial is a device to connect ZIG-100 to serial port (COM Port) of PC.
It can change TTL level signal of ZIG-100 to RS-232C level and it has button that can reset a ZIG-100 as manual form and status display LED.


Third Party Accessories


HAVIMO ver1.0/1.5
Embedded Vision Module for Bioloid

HAVIMO is a vision module including both camera and image processing circuitry in Dynamixel Housing. It can be connected directly to CM-5 or CM-2+ through Dynamixel bus. HAVIMO has the following features:
  • Low weight: approx. 33g including Dynamixel housing.
  • Color region growing: Up to 15 color regions can be detected in each frame.
  • Detects separated regions with the same color as well as regions with
    different colors (no coordinate averaging, real region growing).
  • Calculates color, center, amount of pixels and bounding box of each region.
  • Image processing runs at 8FPS, 160x120xYCrCb
  • Up to 255 different color areas can be defined in the built-in color lookup
  • The color lookup table can be accessed through the serial bus.
  • Built-in, adjustable noise filter allows the detection of both small objects and
    large ones according to the color, even in very noisy images.
  • Adjustable region thresholding removes automatically unwanted small color
    regions, freeing place for others.
  • Supports communication baud rate of 1Mbps.
  • Bioloid TTL communication protocol facilitates direct attachment of the
    device to a Bioloid communication bus.
  • Direct access to all camera adjustments makes it possible to use the device
    either with auto exposure/white balance or manual settings which is ideal for
    situations whit constant lighting such as RoboCup.
  • Raw image output for debugging or lookup table adjustment.
    Quick Start 
HAVIMO (Camera + Image Processor) 

HAVIMO ver2.0
Embedded Vision Module for Bioloid

HAVIMO2 is the new version of Hamid Vision Module with higher image downloading speed.
HAVIMO2 is planned to be compatible with other platforms like RoboBuilder and LEGO, therefore the board is generalized so that the camera is fixed through the board holes.

HAVIMO ver1.5 and ver2.0 use HV7131RP camera inside but HAVIMo ver1.0 uses HV7131GP.
Quick Start 
HAVIMO2 (Camera + Image Processor) 

Embedded Vision Processor proper for Bioloid

The CMUcam3 is an ARM7TDMI based fully programmable embedded computer vision sensor. The main processor is the Philips LPC2106 connected to an Omnivision CMOS camera sensor module. Custom C code can be developed for the CMUcam3 using a port of the GNU toolchain along with a set of open source libraries and example programs. Executables can be flashed onto the board using the serial port with no external downloading hardware required. Make sure to check www.cmucam.org for the most up to date documentaton and Quick-Start guides.
  • Fully open source and programmable using GCC
  • CIF resolution (352x288) RGB color sensor
  • Open source development environment for Windows and Linux
  • MMC/SD flash slot with FAT16 driver support
  • Four-port servo controller
  • Image processing rate of 26 frames per second
  • Lua light-weight language interpreter for rapid prototyping
  • Software JPEG compression
  • Basic image manipulation library
    • Arbitrary image clipping
    • Image downsampling
    • Threshold and convolution functions
    • RGB, YCrCb and HSV color space
    • CMUcam2 emulation
      • User defined color blobs
      • Frame differencing
      • Mean and variance data collection
      • Raw images dumps over serial
      • Histogram generation
  • B/W analog video output (PAL or NTSC)
  • FIFO image buffer for multiple pass hi-res image processing
  • Wireless Mote networking interface (802.15.4)
    • Tmote Sky / Telos Connection
  • virtual-cam for prototyping on the PC
  • CMUcam3-Frame-Grabber for viewing images on the PC
    TechnicaS Spec

CMUCam3 (Camera + Image Processor) 

SRV-1 Blackfin Camera (Comming Soon ...)
Embedded Vision Processor proper for Bioloid

SRV-1 Blackfin Camera includes a 500MHz Analog Devices Blackfin BF537 processor, 32MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash, and Omnivision OV7725 low light camera.
The board can also be interfaced directly to 4 electronic speed controllers (ESC's) or servos, as well as I2C, UART, SPI and GPIO based devices.
Make sure to check www.surveyor.com for the most up to date documentaton and Quick-Start guides.
  • 500MHz Analog Devices Blackfin BF537 Processor (1000 integer MIPS)
  • 32MB SDRAM, 4MB SPI Flash
  • JTAG (tested with section5 ICEbear USB-JTAG)
  • SPI Flash and UART boot mode select
  • External I/O Header (32-pin - 16 x 2 x 0.1")
    • 3.3V Input - 145mA total draw at 500MHz, including camera
    • Board dimensions - 50 mm x 60 mm (2.0" x 2.6"), 36g (1.25 oz) including camera module
    • 2 UARTS - tested at up to 2.5Mbps with CTS/RTS flow control
    • 4 Timers (2 share pins with UART1)
    • SPI - 2 slave select, 1 master select
    • I2C
    • 16 GPIO
    • "S-32 expansion bus" header will support stacking of expansion boards
    • RoHS compliant
  • Omnivision OV7725 VGA low-light sensor or OV9655 1.3 megapixel sensor
    • AA Format Module (32-pin header - 16 x 2 x 0.1")
    • Interchangeable Lens - M12 P=0.5 format (12mm diameter, 0.5mm thread pitch). Standard lens is 3.6mm f2.0 (90-deg), optional 2.2mm f2.5 (120-deg)
    • Camera header on production board is 90-degree female (vs straight female header shown in top left photo) - 90-degree expansion connector available to place camera parallel with processor board
    • RoHS compliant
  • Default Firmware
    • Full-speed frame capture direct to SDRAM at 1280x1024 (OV9655 only), 640x480, 320x256 or 160x128 pixel resolutions
    • JPEG (Motion JPEG) compression
    • Basic image processing - histogram, pixel sampling, mean, frame difference, blob, scan, count, find
    • Motor control for PWM (H-bridge) and PPM (servo) interfaces
    • Built-in C interpreter for scripting and autonomous operation
    • Real-Time-Clock (milliseconds since reset), internal timer resolution to 10 nanoseconds
    • Direct control of I2C and SPI devices
    • In-Application-Programming (IAP) of flash memory
    • XMODEM protocol for reliable file transfer
    • Direct support for up to 4 Maxbotics ultrasound or Sharp IR rangers, Locosys or uBlox5 GPS, Honeywell HMC6352 or HMC5843 compass, ST LIS3LV02DQ tilt sensor, Analog Devices AD7998 8-channel A/D
    • Compiled with GNU Blackfin Toolchain (bfin-elf-gcc)
    • Can be replaced by u-boot / uClinux

SRV-1 Blackfin Camera 

SRV-1 Wifi Expansion Module (Comming Soon ...)

Using SRV-1 Expansion Module you can connect to SRV-1 Blackfin Camera and control your robot through Wifi or Internet.
The radio/motor board includes a H-bridge which can drive 2 small motors (up to 1A each) and 2 transistor drivers for the laser pointers or LED lighting.
  • Radio/Motor Control Module
    • WiFi communication via Lantronix Matchport WLAN 802.11g radio
    •  u.fl connector to external antenna
    • On-board 3.3V high efficiency switching regulator (Recom R-783.3-1.0) for battery input (4.75 - 18.0 VDC)
    • Dual H-bridge motor driver (Fairchild FAN8200) with 1000mA capacity per motor
    • 2 switching transistor drivers with 100mA capacity for laser range pointers
    • Board dimensions - 50 mm x 65 mm (2.0" x 2.6"), 10g (0.4 oz)
    • Mounts to SRV-1 Blackfin Camera via 32-pin external i/o header ("S-32 expansion bus")
    • RoHS compliant

SRV-1 Wifi Expansion Module