Pishrobot: Hushmand Afzar Robotics

About Us

"Robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro-mechanical machine which is guided by computer or electronic programming, and is thus able to do tasks on its own. Another common characteristic is that by its appearance or movements, a robot often conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own." [1]

Robots would be an essential part of future life.

Hushmand Afzar Co. with its experience in control and industrial automation, established a new division to provide robot kits and parts and educate robotics in schools and educational centers.

Hushmand Afzar's robotic activities are as follows:

  • Educating Robotics in Schools and Educational Centers
  • Manufacturing Robot Kits and Parts
  • Distributing Robotic Products from Reliable Manufacturers of the World
  • Offering products to Robotic Workshops of universities and schools
  • Offering products to Robotic Teams of universities and schools
  • Designing, Consulting and Implementing Robotic Projects
  • Consulting for Robotic Competitions like Robocup and Kharizmi

[1] Wikipedia.org